Christmas, Thanksgiving, and many other holidays oftentimes bring families together for fun and celebration, decoration, and lots of delicious holiday-themed foods and snacks. But the holidays also mean an increase in the risk of a fire at your home. Nothing could devastate your holiday more than a fire erupting in the home. Reduce your risks and keep the tips below in mind throughout the holiday season.

Schedule an Inspection

The best way to keep electrical problems at bay during the holidays is to prepare ahead of time. Schedule service with a licensed electrical contractor in fort smith ar who can inspect the wiring and other components of the home to make sure they’re working properly and ready to endure the added work during the holidays.

Pay Attention to the Signs

More often than not, a number of signs will indicate that you have electrical problems. Pay attention to the signs and make sure that you call an electrician when you notice there is trouble. Common signs of electrical trouble include dimming lights, pops from the circuit breaker, burning smells coming from the circuit breaker, and a circuit breaker that trips frequently.

Check the Cords

Make sure to take the time to give your cords a good look over before you plug in those lights and other decorations during the holidays. Do not use any items that have frayed or damaged wires; replace this decoration instead.

Don’t Overuse the Outlets

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When the holidays roll around and you need more outlets for lights and decorations, it’s tempting to plug all of the cords into one outlet. But this is dangerous and may cause a fire or other damages. Make sure that you aren’t overusing the outlets to avoid any of these potential problems.